Thursday, April 8, 2010


I work at a marketing display centre so I am dealing with the public all day. I have to dress smart but casual. Personally I cringe when I come to work and I see other colleagues wearing a plain polyester button up shirt (usually red or white) and a grey or black knee-length shirt. Although this is still a business we are in the marketing industry, to me CASUAL needs to be highlighted just as much as SMART when deciding what to wear that day.

Trying to dress equally smart as casual can be difficult for some, so I understand why we might always go for that button up shirt and knee-length skirt. Don’t get me wrong a button up shirt and knee-length skirt should be a staple in your wardrobe but perhaps try wearing them separately and with other items. Don’t forget to add some cute accessories like a waist belt or brooch or try wearing a silk blouse with the knee-length skirt.

So for today’s inspiration I have combined ideas from the Hermes fall 2010 collection (substituting the leather for just plain black) and Paz de la Huerta at the Runways New York Premier.

I have used the stockings, skirt and boots from the first picture and the jacket and cami from the second picture for inspiration. This is probably the most corporate I would dress to go to work but I think the lace cami and suede boots allow some femininity and funk, which stops this outfit looking overly corporate

To make this outfit my own, I have added the brooches and belt. I felt the ‘all black’ look to be a little plain without them. I have also used different textures like lace, suede, silk and probably a polyester blend (the jacket) to add another element to the outfit.



  1. I love this outfit! Those boots are to die for. Very funky, very sheik.

  2. just came across your blog, you have some great ideas that I'll definitely be using myself. I especially love this look as I work in a lax corporate environment. I'm curious to see what you come up with next :)

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