Friday, April 9, 2010


Another great way for me to create an outfit with what is already in my wardrobe is by 'layering'. In the case of today's outfit I have taken inspiration from 3.1 Phillip Lim, I have used his theme of 'outerwear' (which is really just coats, jacket, scarves and or cardigans) to create the outfit below.

I found the black jacket in the cutest store in Thailand, it is actually PVC and was practically melting from the D.E.T (80% insect repellent) i was wearing throughout the holiday. I also teamed the outfit with little black booties and bare legs. Although Lim used stockings throughout his autumn collection, it is just too hot to wear too many items of clothing in Brisbane. I cannot wait till the weather is cool enough for me to wear coats and boots. Although at this rate I could be waiting a LONG time. If I have given you any inspiration for what you can do with a black mini and a couple of jackets (like Phillip Lim) I would also just like to note that please always wear a mini with long sleeves, it just creates balance.

  • Black jacket from Thailand
  • Grey woolen cardigan by Morrissey
  • American Apparel black mini
  • Black booties from Topshop



  1. Fabulous outfit - v.v. stylish! How inspiring to see that you can think so creatively about pieces you already have. I am definitely going to look at my wardrobe differently. Thanks so much for the advice.

  2. Fab outfit - Just gorgeous!

    Brige xx

  3. Love this look. Simple, sleek and stylish. And it makes you look tall to boot! Now I have a challenge for you - finding inspiration to dress a pregnant woman who refuses to buy maternity clothes!!! :)