Thursday, April 8, 2010


I found these pants in a Sydney clothes market. I actually went with my mum and to be honest, couldn’t think of anything worse than digging around other people’s used clothes. Just as I was about to give up looking through the ‘well rounded’ Women’s rack, I stumbled upon a pair of Chloë, silk cream pants. I could not believe my luck! (And have never been this lucky again rummaging through old clothes). The only problem was they were a size EUR 42 (which I am not)(WHAT IS EURO 42 CONVERTED INTO AUSSIE SIZE?). I grabbed them anyway thinking maybe my mum could fit into them. I don’t know what I was thinking because she is not that much bigger than I, but 70 bucks later I decided if I couldn’t wear them out in public, I could at least sleep in them- they are Chloë after all.

It turns out that I didn’t need to sleep in them – I could wear them out and about in public! After a much-needed coffee and debrief with my mum, we decided to take them to a tailor and see if they could work some magic… obviously they did and I have worn them ever since. It is quite amazing what a tailor can do to a piece that you thought would never fit.

Although I have no idea when they designed these pants, the fact that they are high waisted and wide leg, tells me they are reminiscent of the early 1970s, and by definition; VINTAGE!

While perusing through Chloë this morning on, I found this picture and of course automatically I thought of my Chloë, high waisted and wide leg pants. So I have drawn inspiration from the photo below to create the outfit above. Although my chosen colour palette is cream and not camel, I still think the outfit works.

By now you might have gathered that I am not very tall. All my life I have had to get my pants taken up.I have been working for a few women lately, helping them sort out their wardrobes and create better outfits. Through this process I realised that a lot of these women (albeit taller than me) would throw out a jacket, shirt or pants because they no longer liked the style. I explained that if we could taper in the waist, move the buttons around on the shirt or crop the pants we have re-designed the clothes making them more versatile.

If you find something that is totally beautiful and at an affordable price but the wrong size just consult a tailor; you never know they might just be able to help you.

NB Just be wary of clothing that have a lot of detailing, ruffles or difficult seams although a tailor maybe able to re-size the item it will probably cost you a bomb and on top of what you have already spent.


ATM (at the moment) trends: animal print and square bags with a long strap.

Oh and also you might not be able to see but the platform shoes I am wearing are a zebra pattern.

P.S. I think now that I have uploaded my third blog I should apologise for the poor quality photos. iPhones look great with any outfit but the features are not always the highest quality.

  • Aldo shoes
  • Chloe pants
  • Saba top
  • Peter Lang belt
  • i santi bag



  1. love.. i want my own pair!

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  3. Got to love when you find great vintage buys like this!! Which markets did you go to?

  4. about 5 years ago- the paddington markets.